Quarry Ostres

Limestone has been exploited at the Ostreš Quarry since 2008. The deposit is located in Stepanje, which is about 5 km from the municipality of Lajkovac. Near the quarry there is a connection for the highway “Milos Veliki”, which enables good transport communication and placement of products on a wide market.


The production of limestone aggregates is performed using two stationary crushing plants manufactured by Nace. The final products of this plant are fractionated aggregates for concrete and asphalt, tampons for the production of bearing layers for road construction, crushed stone, separated crushed stone and demined stone aggregates.


Production is organized in two shifts, 16 hours a day, 6 days a week.

The daily production capacity is about 3000 tons.

The annual production of all kinds of materials is about 600,000 tons.

Certified reserves for the existing exploitation field amount to about 6,000,000 tons.




Type of material

Aggregates for concrete and asphalt

fraction 0-4 mm

fraction 4-8 mm

fraction 8-16 mm

fraction 16-22 mm

fraction 16-32 mm

concrete mix 0-8 mm

concrete mix 0-16 mm


Tampons for making supporting layers

tampon 0-31,5 mm

tampon 0-63 mm

Crushed stone for drainage systems

gravel 32-63 mm

gravel 63-120 mm

Separated crushed stone

200-400 mm

Demined crushed stone

0-400 mm


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tons of stone daily
hours of work
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