Magic soil

Magic Soil a.k.a. Čarobna zemlja

Magic Soil, a self-created brand, is a natural organic substrate and soil improver obtained from the highest quality non-mineralized peat.

A high C / N value indicates a sufficient amount of organic matter for long-term use and high absorption power to store moisture. It contains sufficient amounts of easily accessible nutrients for the first phase of the development of young plants to the application of liquid and solid fertilizers for complete nutrition.

PURPOSE: For direct sowing and planting of flowers, vegetables, and all types of seedlings, as a cover after sowing on the ground and as a soil improver.

ORDER Magic Soil

+381 14 436 446

Approved by the Republic Ministry of Agriculture No. 1486/2 since 19.11.2001. years.

Annual production: about 1,000,000 bags.

Packages: from 5, 10, 20, 50 liters.

Distributor for SRB:

“Agro market” doo
Kraljevacko bataljona 235/2
34000 Kragujevac
Tel/fax 034/308 000 ; 034/308 016

Importer for BIH:
“Agro marker” doo ,Pavlovica put bb , Bijeljina

Importer for MNE:
“Agro market CG” ,Mahala bb , Podgorica